Five great productivity Apps for your iPad, iPhone

If you’ve just bought an iPad, you may want to add value to it with extra apps that are provided out of the box. While the iPad or particularly the iPhone was not meant for creativity, there are now some great productivity apps available on the iDevice platform. All of these listed here are available from the App store on your iDevice.

1. Pages for iOS

Pages for iOS is not the same app as Pages for Mac OS X. They are different. Pages for iOS is Apple’s Word Processing application, Apple’s answer to the famous Microsoft Word. Whilst the iPad or IPhone isn’t really intended for creating you next best selling novel, or a 20,000 word thesis, there are times when you maybe away from your laptop or desktop and quickly need to create a document. If you’re a MaC desktop or laptop user then you’ll probably be familar with iWork. iWork is Apple’s answer to Microsoft Office, sort of, plus a few additions, such as iMovie and iPhoto. iDVD has been dropped since Mountain Lion was introduced.


iPhoto is Apple’s own photo editing software. The iPhoto for iOS is primarily developed for editing photo’s on your iPad.


iMovie is Apple’s own video editing software. iMovie for iOS, is not as powerful as it’s desktop counterpart, but it is still quite usable.


Keynote is Apple’s version of Microsoft PowerPoint

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