FREE Apps/programs worth installing on your Windows PC

Have you just purchased a new PC and have no software installed on it? recommends five free apps or programs for your Windows based PC.

Google Chrome


Google Chrome is now the most popular browser on the planet, according to web stats, ahead of Microsoft Internet Explorer and FireFox. Internet Explorer is notoriously insecure although it’s improved somewhat in recent years. Enter Google Chrome, the relatively new browser. Google Chrome is Google’s own Browser, and it doesn’t just run on Windows, it run’s on Mac OS X and Linux, so it’s truly platform independent.

What’s great about Chrome

It’s relatively lightweight, not too bloaty, hence it’s pretty fast, so will run on the slowest of computers. It’s a relatively small download too, and it’s pretty good on security. Chrome supports third party extensions.

What no menu?

Although Google Chrome does not have it’s own menu along the top of the programs Window, like we’ve become used to there is a vertical menu on the right of the Chrome Screen. Clicking on the Three horizontal lines will reveal Google Chromes menu.


Google Chrome supports bookmarks, and has a Bookmarks manager bar. Chrome also allows you to import your bookmarks from other browsers such as Internet Explorer and Firefox.


Google Chrome also supports extensions, such as Flash player, necessary for watching YouTube videos.

Take your Chrome settings to other computers

With Google Chrome, you can sign in to your account, so as to sync your browser stuff acrosss various computers, great if you have more than one PC and want to keep your bookmarks in sync.
In our opinion, Google Chrome is well worth installing on your PC.

Download it from here:

Adobe Reader X


Adobe Reader is Adobe’s PDF reader. PDF means portable document format, and if you need a PDF reader on your PC, then this is the one we recommend.

Adobe reader also has a browser plugin feature, meaning that you can open PDF’s in a browser without having to open Adobe Reader seprately. That’s neat.

Download it from

Microsoft Live Essentials – Email, etc

Microsoft Live Essentials is a great FREE suite of software to enhance the functionality of your Windows PC. This suite includes the following programs:

  • Microsoft Photo Gallery
  • Microsoft Movie Maker (formerly Windows Movie Maker)
  • Windows Live Mail (formerly Outlook Express in Windows XP and Windows Mail in VISTA)
  • Microsoft Writer – for posting blog posts
  • Microsoft SkyDrive – Microsoft’s online storage solution

With Windows XP and VISTA, Microsoft kindly included a great Mail Client called Outlook Express (Windows Mail in VISTA). When Windows 7 was introduced, Microsoft in their wisdom left out these programs, and ended Outlook Express, much to the annoyance of many users, as it was a popular Email client and Movie Maker, which many used for making YouTube videos and the like. Now, you can install these programs, or the modern versions of them with Windows Live Essentials. Why Microsoft do not include this as standard on Windows 7 is beyond me.

Download it from:

Apple iTunes


You don’t need a Mac to sync your iDevice. Sync your iPad or iPhone using a PC

Apple iTunes is an iconic piece of software that shouldn’t be overlooked. If you have an iPhone or iPad, you probably have it already, as it’s the main way to sync your photos, music, videos to your iDevice.

iTunes is a great FREE media player and a great alternative to Windows Media Player. Thankfully, there is a Windows version of Apple iTunes freely available from the Apple website.

Download Apple iTunes:

iTunes store

Once you have downloaded iTunes, you’ll be able to browse the iTunes store, which will enable you to browse music, tv shows and more digital content to purchase.

Music library

Another great feature of iTunes is the music Library. Here, music files on your PC can be imported and organised by Artist, Album, or Song, in varying different views, including cover flow.

iPod, iPhone, iPad manager

As stated earlier, iTunes is THE management software for your iDevice, and always has been since the launch of the original iPod. iTunes will keep your iDevice backed up, and synced either over wired internet or WiFi. It will also sync with your Apple account.

Microsoft Security Essentials

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