How to setup a media center PC to watch and record Freeview TV with Windows Media Center

If you have a spare PC lying around of decent specification, rather than throwing it out in the trash, why not convert it into a media center PC/hard drive TV recorder. In this article, I will outline how to setup a PC for watching and recording FREEVIEW or DVB-T terristrial TV using Windows 7 Home Premium and Windows Media Center.

Windows 7 Home Premium and higher editions come with Windows Media Center already installed. In case you’re not aware, Windows Media Center is a great application, that’s already part of Windows 7 Home Premium and Higher versions for watching and recording digital TV on your PC. Great if you don’t have a TV or second TV for an upstairs room.

What you’ll need…

The first thing that will be required will be a TV Tuner card. I use a USB Hauppage Win Nova-T stick for my needs, this is a single DVB-T tuner that’s recognised by Windows and so Windows Media Center can use it as it’s main Tuner. These little units are only about £30.00 or so in the UK and can either be used on desktop or laptop PC’s.kartinatv_mce_small

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