How to wiew Windows and other movie types on iPad or iPhone

If you have an iPad or iPhone, and need to view movies other than the formats supported by Apple QuikTime or iTunes, then there is a great third party App called VLC Media Player available for your iOS device. If you have a Windows PC then you may have downloaded VLC Media Player for Windows as an alternative to Windows Media Player.

It’s normally not possible to view Windows Media format movies on the iPad or IPhone or other iOS device, however, thanks to the FREE VLC Media Player App it is now possible to view many movie types, not just Windows movies.

If you need to transfer media files to your iPad, then the quickest way is via USB link to your PC or Mac and copy files over using iTunes. VLC Player allows direct sharing from your computer to your iDevice, which is very useful.

How to install VLC media on your iDevice

VLC media player for iOS is available from iTunes or the Apple App store on your device. Just tap ‘App store’ icon then search for VLC Media Player. It’s FREE!

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