Mac OSX Mavericks. How to get it for FREE


Mac OS X Mavericks is the latest version of Apple’s MAC OS X for Apple Mac computers, such as the Mac Mini, MacBook Pro/Ari, iMac, Mac Desktop etc. Mavericks is available through the App store for FREE as a download, if you’re running Snow Leopard or Later.

I updated my MacBook Pro from Snow Leopard, which it came with when I bought it, straight to Mavericks.

  • First I downloaded the update that enabled the App store functionality in Snow Leopard, as SL didn’t have it when first released.
  • Then login to your Apple account.
  • Search ‘Mavericks’ in the search bar in the app store homepage
  • The App store will take you to a link to download Mavericks.
  • Finally, download the Mavericks operating system.

It’s a sizeable download at around 4-5 Gigabytes, so you’ll need Broadband internet that’s reliable. Your computer will restart a few times during the installation.

Please see the Apple website for more information on how to obtain Mavericks at:

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