New AMD FM2 Processors – AMD A10 7850K reviews

If you are considering building a gaming PC, you may want to take a close look at the newer AMD FM2 processors. Why not just settle for an Intel Core i5 or I7 you may ask? Now, AMD are including the graphics cards actually on the processor itself, making it not so necessary to purchase a dedicated seperate graphics card.

For many years AMD have been a firm fovourite among PC gamers and builders in general. Now, the AMD desktop processors have undergone a transformation from the ageing AM2/AM3 platform to the new FM2 socket layout such as the AMD A10 7850K Black Edition Quad Core CPU + Integrated Radeon R7 retailing at £124.99 or thereabouts at time of writing…

The new ‘Richland’ APU’s are really the same core technology as the Bulldozer series, but with added GPU power from the integrated AMD Radeon R7 graphics chips.



On-Chip graphics integrate AMD radeon graphics cards on the processor itself

The new CPU’s, or APU’s as they now seem to be called, feature on-board AMD Radeon graphics, so gamers will be overjoyed that they no longer need to purchase an extra graphics card in order to play the latest games. Whilst the on-board graphics are OK, they are still no replacement for a high-end graphics card, such as nVidea or AMD Radeon series cards.

Multi-core technology

Taking the above mentioned processor as an example, it features 4 CPU cores plus 8 GPU cores
“With 12 Compute Cores (4 CPU + 8 GPU) featuring AMD Radeon R7 Graphics and exclusive features like AMD TrueAudio Technology for immersive audio, it can take on Battlefield 4 or just about anything else you throw at it.”

How does this CPU compare with the Intel i5?

The intel four core i5 say the 3470K is actually slightly more powerful processor, but with weaker HD2500 Intel on board graphics. It’s only until a seperate graphics card is used that the i5 comes into it’s own for gaming however. Both processors are boxed, including a heatsink and fan.

More to come….

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