Windows Live Essentials review

Windows Live Essentials 2012 is a set of programs that aren’t installed by default on Windows 7. Windows XP and VISTA had their own respective mail clients installed by default, but Windows 7 does not. Fear not, Windows Mail includes a modern version of Windows Mail to add this functionality to Windows 7.

Windows Live Essentials offers you a choice of programs to install, such as Writer (for writing blog posts) Microsoft Messenger, which is now largely defunct as Microsoft now own Skype and that is their favored messaging service.

You can use Windows Live Mail with automatically with your Hotmail account, or it supports other email providers too, such as Gmail, Yahoo Mail, etc.

Photo gallery is as it’s name suggests, a good way of organising your pictures, photos or images on your computer for viewing on screen or printing.

Writer, is a neat program for posting quickly to your Blog, whether it’s WordPress, Blogger, or whatever you have.

Windows Move Maker, is a program I use quite a bit, to create videos for uploading to YouTube. Unfortunately, it doesn’t support .mov file types, but it does support a lot of others, and it’s not bad for FREE.

SkyDrive is Microsoft’s online storage account, with 7GB of user space for storing your stuff, such as documents, photo’s. etc.

All in all, Windows Live Essentials is worth installing on your PC, as it adds more functionality that Windows 7 now sadly lacks built-in. Definately worth it.

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